About Firsty Express

For customers

Firsty Express is a service from Firsty Group for publishers to sell eBooks for download by you (the reader). You can use any Windows or Mac desktop/laptop, or iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to buy and download eBook(s).

To buy and download eBook(s) you will be asked to create an account on Firsty Express. You can log in to your account to re-download eBooks at any time by going to https://d2c.firstygroup.com/MyAccount/. The eBooks uploaded by publishers and available to purchase on this website may come in different formats, although not all eBooks are available in all formats. Before buying, please check the eBook is available for the device you intend to read it on.

Before downloading your eBook(s) make sure you have the right eReader software on your device. Also if the eBook you are downloading is an ePub with digital right management (DRM) you will need to create an account Adobe account before you can read your eBook. You can then download the right format of your eBook(s) from My eBooks which is available within your Firsty Express account. Further help on eBooks, eReader software, DRM and downloading eBooks can be found here.

For publishers

Firsty Express provides a highly convenient and cost-effective way to sell your eBooks from your own website, or from a website developed by us (or another web developer). You provide the metadata, eBooks and cover images, and upload the eBooks via an account dashboard area, you then specify whether you need full DRM and/or digital watermarking, or no DRM for your eBook files. Full DRM (if required) is provided by our own Adobe Content Server. Visitors to your website create accounts on Firsty Express, purchase and then download your eBooks from their own My eBooks page. Firsty Group takes all payments using the secure Sage Pay payment gateway or via PayPal, and submit payments to you on a monthly basis, subject to a £50.00 or "equivalent" monthly limit.

For more information about Firsty Express go to www.firstyexpress.com.

For more information about Firsty Group go to www.firstygroup.com.